About Me

Who am I?

I teach English composition, write for children and adults--fiction and non-fiction, read whenever I have the chance, learn a little (or a lot) about anything and
Me, Jose, and our son after our wedding
everything, farm (I have a farm with Nigerian dwarf dairy goats and chickens--yum! milk and eggs!), garden (we grow as much GMO-free and organic food as we can), research (I am very interested in homeopathy, cancer, herbal treatments, hypnotism, and accupressure--all things natural), and on top of all of those things, I still manage to run a household as mom and wife. 

I like photography--HD and more, and I enjoy several crafts, including reborning dolls and sculpting. In the past, I wrote for Secrist Doll Company, so I may post some tutorials here.


I re-married in 2012 after my husband of almost 22 years died from stage 4 colon cancer. We learned of his disease in March, 2011, and he passed in October, 2011. I lost a husband and a good friend in Greg. However, I must add that just as we were blessed with a son after years of failed pregnancies, I was again blessed with another kind and hardworking husband, Jose. Because of my late husband's illness, I gained a keen interest in natural foods and treatments, and I continue to grow in this area and incorporate this learning into my recipes and lifestyle as much as possible. I try to pass on what I learn.


I never grow tired of learning, and I hope to share some of my experiments in the garden and in the kitchen with everyone who wants to follow me! One day it might be cheesemaking, and the next it might be composting with milk in recycled containers, but all in all, it should be fun!

Questions? Ask!

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