Sunday, May 26, 2013

Kids, Kids, Kids!!

Firestone Creek M Pistachio

Firestone Creek M Butternut

Well we officially have babies at Firestone Creek farm!!
It's nice to have some milk around here again! I'm excited to start making yogurt and cheese and fudge (even though I don't need it!!!). On Monday, Acorn and Nutmeg kidded--Acorn, 1 big doeling named Butternut; Nutmeg, a buckling and doeling, the latter named Pistachio. Unfortunately, Nutmeg surprised me with the delivery, and I missed the birth, so I wasn't there to help her with the delivery. We lost the little boy, probably because she had them so quickly. I had just checked her maybe 45 minutes beforehand and no babies, but suddenly there were kids! Both of these doelings are blue eyed. They are doing well and are available. I would love to see the red and white go to a show home because she looks really good--excellent topline, very dairy skin, long and wide, and mom's udder has perfect placement of easily milkable teats with large orifices, good separation, and strong medial. I would like to see better side attachment, but I hope that paired with Mesa that will be improved with Butternut. :) She is $300 as is Pistachio, who is also a nice girl. I just tend to favor the red and white.

There's also a tiny buckling, Chapuline (it means grasshopper in Spanish, and we call him Chap; he's about as small as a kitten right now) out of Hazel Nut X Mesa that is also available. He's a chocolate and white, and he's been on the bottle some already. He will be available as a pet only for $100. I also have an Alpine/Nubian/Boer mix buckling available for pet/meat that is 2 months old now. He's very good size. Price is negotiable so contact me.

If you visit my website, Firestone Creek Farm, you will find more info on animals currently available, including some adults. For instance, Hazel Nut may be available after weaning/sale of Chap. I will probably consider the sale of Palabra since I will have a 1/2 sister here out of her, soon, and since I also have access to her full sister, Minnie Me, through John at Run Joey Run farm. I will still have that line. Palabra is due any day now (actually the 22nd), and her udder looks really good, but she is also a small, refined doe, and I prefer a larger doe (just my preference). Muddy Creek Panama is also for sale, as is her son, Bo, and Old Mountain Farm JZ Arizona's son, Mesa, who is the father to many of the kids here this season.

Bella will be kidding soon with Sonic's babies! I am looking forward to that, so you will be hearing from me soon!

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