Saturday, January 18, 2014

Moving Toward Spring and Change, along with a special announcement!

Longing for Spring to Arrive

Dreaming of daffodils, dandelions, daisies, and green, green, green, knowing that spring is soon on the horizon, and change is floating in the air, not just here, but everywhere. Right now, it's cold. Yes, I know, it's winter, but I don't know many people (or goats) that LOVE 15-30 degree F days, and we've been having quite a few of those here lately. Also, many of you know, but I am sure that some of you do not, Firestone Creek Farm is in the process of relocating. We've purchased a new home, and we are moving (not just to keep warm) in this cold weather, but to a new farm with a new 'everything.' No worries though. We're only moving to the other side of town. 

As udders fill -- Kuka, Bella, Palabra, Sunnee, Acorn, and Panama, we are building a to-do list and trying to get everything completed by 'due dates.' This isn't an easy thing to do because there is so much to do when moving to a new place. We're also starting from scratch with the barn; we're building a barn from a carport so we can easily expand into the future as we grow. We have to work fast in upcoming weeks since babies come when they want--no stopping them, and the last thing any goat lady wants to do is have kids being born into a cold, harsh world without a warm place to get dry. So, we're working like carpenter ants--fast and furious. In fact, in the coming weeks I will be adding photos of our new barn as we progress in the building process. We're using freshly sawed lumber from my father's saw mill--lumber cut by my husband, Jose, and my father, Earl Lilly, who also makes handicrafts from cedar and other things Facebook Group: Little Cedar Things. He does do custom orders on things like cedar chests (of all sizes) and more. 

This year we are also venturing into the land of DHIR and LA with high hopes. We'll update on how things are progressing as the year moves along. Right  now, we are also taking deposits on spring kids, which will begin arriving sometime mid-February to March. We have plenty of very good breedings with excellent show and milk potential available, so don't wait until the last minute to make a reservation.

And finally, I'm so happy to add that my favorite 'chiva', Palisade, who now has all of her milk stars, will be re-entering our herd soon.
She's going to be joining us within a few weeks. We will have some other new additions, too, but I am waiting to 'surprise' everyone with those (yes, they WILL be a surprise!).

More to come. Keep warm! Spring will be here soon.

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