Monday, February 17, 2014

Silkichins -- Hatching eggs now available for reservation!

Blue Silkichin with splash, black and white chicks

It's Chick Time

Spring is on its way, and our hens are laying quite a few eggs now even with the cold weather persisting. We are now taking reservations for shipping hatching eggs. At this time, we do not ship chicks, but we do ship eggs, so now is the best time to reserve some for the incubator. I will begin shipping as soon as the weather is warm enough to not 'chill' eggs and kill chicks. Keep in mind that I do not ship when it gets super hot either because that can start baking the chicks early and cause developmental problems. 

Hatch rate on my chicks is usually about 99.5%. Generally all eggs hatch, but occasionally, I end up with one that semi-hatches or doesn't hatch. I take special care with storage of eggs and ship eggs that are as fresh as possible. I also pack eggs very carefully in material that allows them to 'breathe' but that still cushions them well. Believe it or not, I've never had a broken egg. In any case, I usually send a few extras if they are available. 


I do not sort eggs. You may receive any of the following:

  • blue
  • lavender
  • splash
  • black
  • partridge
  • splash split to partridge
Most will be bearded; I prefer these and cull for them. There are some that are non-bearded occasionally, so I cannot guarantee that they will all be bearded or colors that you will receive.

If you are interested in Silkichin eggs for hatching, you can contact me via our website or on our Silkichin page of Facebook: Silkichins on Facebook for pricing. 

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