Monday, July 29, 2013

Our Old/Used/New Playground/Hay Feeder/Nesting Box

It's been a while, so I thought I'd post a quickie. We've had an old playground that my son used when he was 3-5 years old sitting around, so a year or so ago, we moved it into the goat area for the goats to play on. They've always enjoyed it! However, recently its use has evolved.
A few months ago, I realized that the playground has several areas that are perfect for holding hay. Since then, it has turned into a nice hay feeder to get the goats away from the barn during the day some, which is necessary when it's muddy and muggy. Keeping hay away from the barn is a plus because it means less clean up in the barn area. It's easy to shove hay into the openings in the playground. Those who get pushed around can climb higher into the playground, and it gives them a little 'safety' from the others. Little ones can climb around and play up top or chase each other through the areas under the playground, which also contain nibbles for them to chew on.
AND LO AND BEHOLD! A few days ago, I realized that the playground has now been taken over by a few new inhabitants. Several of my silkichins have decided that the playground 'tube,' which is usually filled with hay, is a great place for them to lay their eggs and nest! I thought, why not! It's out of the weather and easy to clean. So this playground was used to begin with--given to us by friends--and now it has become a huge part of the extended 'family.' It's old, used, and still new at the same time! You can't get any better than that...

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