Monday, January 26, 2015

Lots of Fun! French Buns at Firestone Creek!

Firestone Creek now has French angora RABBITS!

I'm a creativity junkie. I love being creative. I've always had an interest in fiber arts, and a few months back, we were thinking about purchasing a couple of alpacas (and we might still do that). I've also always LOVED the angora rabbits--all of them. I'm two shoes in for anything "fluffy," most of the time. 

Instead of diving into a sea of alpacas, we decided to start small with a few French angoras, and we've been having so much fun with this fiber and all of the fluffy snuggles and kisses from these guys. We added 7 (2 males and 5 females) and lost one female within 2 days due to some illness, probably brought on by stress and bad nutrition from the previous owner. I treated everyone else with my herbal immune building formulation, began a new diet of high protein pellets, timothy, alfalfa, and crudities, and everyone else is fine and doing well. In fact, they are producing lots of fine hair and having babies! 

When we got these buns, they were matted and looking pretty rough. The lady actually admitted she had NEVER brushed them! I was in shock. As you can see in some of the photos, they do still have a few underbody mats, and two of the adults are moulting now, too. I've been working on the mats, but since it is winter, I don't want to begin shaving/clipping huge areas of hair away from their bodies, so I have to do it slowly--a little at a time. In the photo to the right, one of our males (Sebastian--middle) is visiting with two of the girls (one is hiding behind him). We also have a REW buck, but we bred Sebastian to everyone. So far, he was bred to our chocolate tort and produced two self blacks, two whites (not sure if they are BEW or REW because the eyes haven't opened yet), and one black tort (from what I can tell). He also bred our black tort and she delivered four little buns-- one that looks like it is a blue or lilac point, and the others are all blue/black torts.

It looks like we are going to have quite a few babies for sale, so we are now taking reservations. Currently, one of the self-blacks and most of the torts will be available for $45 each without papers. These will make wonderful little fiber fluffs to add some color to your fiber projects. The whites (whether blue eyed or red eyed) are also available as is the adult REW male we have. Since we are already getting REW out of our girls, we want to find him a good home. If interested, contact us via the farm site.


  1. Now, they are precious! They're probably easier to deal with than alpacas! :D

  2. They are SO much fun and so soft and snuggly. :) I thought they'd be an easy entry into the fiber world, and so far, I've made quite a few things with their wool. I hope to talk hubby into alpacas soon! :)