Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sales -- doeling available

Chili Pepper

Minnie Me (left) Cocoa beside of her 
Cocoa first fresh only 4 hrs fill
at 2 weeks fresh
Hi, everyone. Our kidding season for 2014 ended in November with the birth of two doelings-- Chili Pepper and Cardamom-- out of Run Joey Run SB Cocoa Bean X Tonto's Barn Eric's Billionaire *S. This is a strong breeding (Thanks, John Bane!) on ARMCH Caesar's Villa CBS Stetson ++*S, tossing in some of our Superior Genetics here with Cocoa Bean being a daughter of On Firestone Creek R Minnie Me 3*M 6*D (Winner of Best Udder at Rocky Mt, NC show in May 2014), who is a daughter of our first SG doe, On Firestone Creek Palisade 2*M 5*D. Cocoa's father is On Firestone Creek UP Sonic Boom *S, a son of Rosasharn CH Uproar +*S, father/grandfather of several does in the top 10 for 2013 and also a son of the famous Rosasharn 2*M ARMCH Rosasharn's Uni 3*D'E' 91.55. 
SG Palisade 3rd fresh
In 2002, Uni was breed leader for milk production and protein. In 2003, she was breed leader again in both areas. She also broke the record for Nigerian milk production in 2003 with 1601# of milk in only 305 days. 
We owned Rosasharn CH Uproar a few years ago for this very reason along with the fact that he has an excellent, sweet demeanor, throws a huge percentage of does and offers correctness, especially toplines, along with nice udders. Sonic Boom's mother is October Hill Country Charm *M 4*D, mother of Palisade, so this is a linebreeding on those good, old lines, which include ARMCH Gay Mor's NB Narcissus 3*D AR 1679, a beautiful doe!

We have decided to retain Cardamom out of this breeding, not because she is nicer than Chili Pepper, but because I fell in love with the sweet little kisses she loves to give! Chili (left and right) is just as sweet, but Cardamom will run to me and climb me for some snuggles! Chili is right behind her, of course! Chili is for sale. Chili is a buckskin with white cap on head and tail. She has a little roaning on her ears, face, and nose. She also has white on her left shoulder (see photo to left) along with a few small silver moonspots on her side and leg. Her sister also has some silver and dark brown moonspots.
Zillionaire --courtesy Tonto's Barn
She is long, petite, standing on strong legs with good rear leg angulation as you can see in the pic above on the right. We are asking $400 for Chili. She is conformationally correct and has the potential to be a great milker. Her mom is currently on test. Due to my carpal tunnel, she will probably not earn her milk star this time, but she should on the next breeding.
Billionaire-- courtesy Bartman farm

Please note that we have lots of kids due for 2015. The kidding should start in about two weeks with some very promising kids on the way! Our first fresheners, Proctor Hill Farm CH Joy, a Rosasharn Challenger (now deceased) daughter and daughter of SG Palisade is due along with On Firestone Creek BP Palmella who has a gorgeous udder growing. I can't wait to get pics and start milking this girl! Her mom was On Firestone Creek Palindrome, a daughter of OMF Palamino *S and granddaughter of Rosasharn CH Uproar +*S.  This kidding is a linebreeding on:
Registered NameReg #%
ROSASHARN'S UNID0013202750.12
That list doesn't even include some others that aren't listed because the parents were AGS not ADGA. These go back to Kids Corral, more Rosasharn, Caesar's Villa, and more. Can you tell I am excited!!! :)

Check the Kidding Schedule on our website for more info. 

Kids out of first fresheners are usually $350 unless the kid (and parent) show extreme promise. Kids out of proven (stars, etc) does and bucks will range from $400 up. Most bucks are wethered unless arrangements are made prior to kidding or quickly thereafter. I do sell bucks out of first fresheners, occasionally, if there is a history of nice udder genetics on both sides of the family. 

We accept payments via PayPal, check/money order (must allow time to clear bank), or cash (in person). To hold a kid, the deposit required is $100 (non-refundable--see Sales Agreement at the bottom of the For Sale page of the website). Reservations on scheduled kiddings can be made via email: genna1020@windstream.net. Please let me know which breeding you are interested in when emailing, along with what you are looking for. No deposit is required to reserve a kid/kids.

Deposits and other Payment Options
Contact me at 

Please notify me in advance before sending money to PayPal. Be sure to include the 3.4% additional when you send monies through PayPal unless you send it under the 'gift' category.

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